We Help Health Professionals With Services Not Covered By Insurance Get Paid What They Deserve

...By leveraging the latest tech to bring in new patients predictably, boost positive reviews, save time, and increase referrals.

Get Paid What You Deserve By Becoming A Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

Get A Booked Calendar In Days

Within 14 days of working with us our lead generation strategies will be ramped up and scheduling appointments with new, qualified, prospects for your health services.

We meet our clients where they are and have lead generation strategies for every step of the growth curve.

A strategy for when you're just getting started and don't have money to invest into paid traffic.

A rapid reactivation strategy that takes full advantage of the traffic you already own (your current clients, past clients, website traffic and lead lists). If you already own traffic, you could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it.

A world-class paid advertising strategy that allows you to find qualified people who want, need and can afford your health services each and every day. With this strategy we set you up with a way to leverage paid advertising, so that you can create a money making machine. You can put $1 in and get $5, $10 or even $50 in profit back over and over again.

Once you're getting leads and inquiries every day for your health services, we give you our proven appointment setting system that has booked thousands of appointments for a wide variety of health services.

Become A Successful, Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

Leverage The Latest Tech

Most health professionals cringe at the word "Technology", but they know that on the other side of that fear is success. We're here to help guide you through that fear and make you and your team Tech Savvy health professionals.

The latest advancements in software have created an opportunity of a lifetime to those who are willing and ready to adapt. And lucky for you, we're here to walk you through the adaptation process...

From setting you up with a fully stacked CRM (with all of our proven automations, campaigns, workflows and more) to making sure you take advantage of every website visitor you get by providing you with an AI live chat, we have thought of everything you need to grow your health business as big as you want to grow.

Get Paid What You Deserve By Becoming A Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

Make Your Health Service Scalable By "Productizing Your Knowledge"

Once you get busy spending more and more 1 on 1 time with patients, you will eventually either get burnt out, not be able to provide the same quality of service to your clients or have to stop growing and not be able to help more people.

For this reason, we help our clients productize their knowledge. Productizing yourself means to take your knowledge and education (which health professionals have a lot of) and instead of just being able to provide it to people in a 1-1 environment, turn it into recordings that people can listen to over and over again.

Your clients problems don’t occur when they’re receiving your health service. They stem from when they’re not with you, so in order to help them more, you can give them a plan to follow on their own, so that they can create good habits and a healthier lifestyle.

You can either add an online training component to complement your 1-1 time and add value… or (if a lot of 1-1 time is repetitive and your teaching the same thing over and over again) replace some of your 1-1 time by giving your clients training videos and a program that they can follow along with on their own time.

This gives them access to your knowledge 24/7 and a plan that they can follow while they’re not with you 1 on 1. Not only can you give videos, but you can provide them with resources, tools and more.

This leads to more profit, less 1-1 time and more value for your clients.

Get Paid What You Deserve By Becoming A Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

Convert High-Ticket Care Plans ($1k-$10k) With Ease & Without Being "Salesy"

Most health professionals think all they need is more appointments with qualified leads. We understand that, but what we came to find out was that a lot of the time it went deeper than that...

The clients we had that we're the most successful (helping the most clients while having great reviews and being extremely profitable) understood the art of ethical sales. They understood how to convert prospects into high-ticket care plans and do it ethically and without being salesy.

We show our clients the exact frameworks that allow them to stop selling their services as a commodity and start to sell full health solutions, get paid what they deserve and help their clients even more while doing it. We set them up with the scripts, financing company, pricing sheets and more.

Get Paid What You Deserve By Becoming A Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

Proven Results With A Wide Range Of Health Professionals

Dr. Mike

Health Services: Naturopathic Medicine

Doubled his sales conversion rate

Learned how to sell $3000+ care plans without being "salesy"

Getting qualified Naturopathic medicine leads everyday

“What I loved about Tyler's training is that he shows you how to track the analytics, how to easily understand the metrics so that you can successfully scale. And also the sales training, The sales training alone is worth the price of what you pay for Tyler. I spent thousands of dollars on these other digital marketing companies and coaching and trainings. Just the sales training alone helped me completely change how I interacted with new consults. I upped my conversion rate big time. The software that Tyler uses is a one stop shop for automation."

Background: Before starting with Healthclients, Dr. Michael Smith had tried many different things to communicate with his audience. Even though, at the time, he didn't know exactly who his target audience was, Dr. Mike tried search engine optimization, online digital marketing, and spent a colossal amount of time doing talks, presentations, writing blogs, Google Article posts and Facebook posts. He even worked with two Holistic Marketing Companies but once Covid hit, the ads completely stopped working.

Results: Since Dr. Smith had taken online programs on marketing in the past, he was able to work with Tyler on a higher level. Tyler helped Michael to set up bulletproof ads that get new Biofeedback clients coming in to this very day. Dr. Mike has doubled his sales conversion on care plans priced at $3,000+ and can now charge double what he used to per session.

Journey: Tyler Helped Dr. Michael Smith to improve various things within his health business. Improvements to care plan pricing and understanding resistance levels with different types of traffic flows is something Tyler and Michael worked on initially. That combined with new knowledge of digital ads and a software to automate communication with these new leads has gotten Dr. Michael Smith to where he is today.


Health Services: Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy and Thermography

First $1100 payout in less than 11 hours

Over $8000 in new revenue in first month

Learned how to sell $3000+ care plans.

“It was an $1100 payout in less than 11 hours... It's been just a little over 30 days. We're already at over $8,000 in new revenue. I was worried when I paid that fee, I was thinking Oh gosh I'm gonna have to work on doing these services for a couple months to pay that fee, but it happened way before even 15 days. I'm spending less money than I was on old advertising methods and making 10 times more money."

Background: Sherri Hudson has owned and operated Holistic Family Health for the last 16 years. Throughout her business journey, Sherri has tried a few different things to get more people in, including magazine articles that were particularly expensive and took a lot of time. She had been approached by other digital marketing companies in the past but found it frightening and couldn't quite wrap her head around the concept. Sherri felt as if her age group had missed computer education and felt scared to put herself on social media.

Results: Sherri was able to make $1100 in less than 11 hours of turning her first ad campaign on, and the same ad still brings in new clients today. She added $8,000 in new revenue within her first month, made her investment back in less than 15 days, and gained many new skills. Those skills include being proficient with a CRM as well as having the ability to now sell $3,000 packages.

Journey: From where Sherri started she has come a long way. She's gone from not having the confidence to put herself on social media, or even use technology to her advantage, to be able to create a winning ad campaign on her own and effectively manage a CRM software. Sherri's client acquisition skills are her most useful tool in her new arsenal gained from Healthclients.

Dr. Murphy

Health Services: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Functional medicine, PEMF, Laser, Decompression

$30k+ in first 45 days

Over 20 to 1 immediate return

System that will bring him $250k+ per year in extra revenue from cash clients.

“By far the best marketing I have ever done... The quality of patients that I'm getting is outstanding... I am getting well over 20 to 1 return on my investments... His program works... It is insane how easy it is... You are a moron, a schmuck, an imbecile if you don't do this... all kidding behind this is by far the best marketing I've ever done... I'm doing this because it saved my butt."

Background: Dr. Joseph Murphy is the owner of Newport Mesa Wellness in Newport Beach CA. Before joining Healthclients, Dr. Murphy had tried almost every platform for running ads in attempt to get more people coming in that needed his help. Whether it has been Google Adwords, magazines, print ads, or anything in between, in his 24 years of work nothing would produce the way he wanted.

Results: Once Dr. Murphy started working with Healthclients, old clients started coming back in, and an even larger influx of new clients started to come in as well. He made over $30k in his first 45 days, saw an immediate 20:1 return on investment, and now has a system that will bring him $250k+ per year in extra revenue from cash clients.

Journey: As soon as Dr. Murphy started working with Tyler and the Team at Healthclients, many new systems were put in place. His offers and sale structure were optimized so that he can help as many people as possible, including himself. Next, he became sufficient at using the CRM software to manage the sales process. Finally, Dr. Murphy learned client acquisition skills for himself, and started to bring in new clients with less than $5.00 per lead.

Dr. Scott

Health Services: Deep Tissue Robotic Laser & Neurofeedback

Made $27k in profit on his first $3k investment

Added over 6-figures of annual revenue to his laser business

“We were able to get a lot of people well… Our return on investment was amazing, like 9 times what we paid… Having done a lot of advertising over the years, everything from full page ads in newspapers, to live TV shows once a week, to radio, I could tell you that this is an amazing cost effective way to get a lot of people in your office, to get them helped."

Background: Dr.Scott of New Life Laser has been in the game for a long time, so his sales skills before Healthclients was already great. Essentially, if Dr. Scott could just get in front of more people he could do really well. In the past he had tried many different ad platforms to try and help more people. He's done everything from full page magazine ads, newspapers, advertising once a week on live television and even radio ads.

Results: In less than 4 months Dr. Scott had made back his investment 9 times. Thats $27,0000 off of a $3,000 initial investment. Over time that has compounded to over 6 figures in new revenue annually.

Journey: As a great closer and sales person, Dr. Scott's main bottleneck or hang up was prospecting. Once he started working with Tyler and the Healthclients team he started to learn client acquisition skills for himself. Dr. Scott went from unpredictably investing his money into paid traffic to now knowing how to get new people coming in at the tips of his fingers.

Dr. Yadira and Vladimir

Health Services: Regenerative Medicine

Cut monthly marketing budget from $2800 a month to $600 a month and got better results.

Went from $12k per month to $40k per month in revenue.

Opened brand new location

“At the end we are spending less money on ads, avoiding their fee and getting better results…”

Background: Dr. Yadira and Vladimir Santiago are the owners and operators of Alt Medical Clinic in Texas. In their brief history of being health business owners, they had worked with one digital marketing company before. This marketing company ran Done for You ads and charged $2800 a month for exclusive leads. They thought that this was their only option and didn't have a clue on how to get more clients.

Results: Rather than spending $2800 a month on a done for you marketing service, the Santiagos get more leads than before off of a $600 ad budget. that means the done for you marketing company was taking $2200 a month as a retainer and only $600 was going toward actual ad spend. They are now consistently doing $40k a month while running their own ads and have opened a brand new location.

Journey: Vladimir and Yadira didn't know how to get more clients when they first started on their health business journey. Now they have full client acquisition skills to be able to get more clients coming in. They found each part of the online training valuable, not only the parts on running ads, but on how to manage your business using a CRM, getting better at closing high ticket care plans, and booking appointments more efficiently.


Health Services: Neurofeedback

Was able to go from 1 location to 6

No longer has to do in-person networking groups.

“My business... I always grew it just by getting out in the community and networking and being a part of chapters with other business owners. It takes a lot of time. It does get referrals and thats how I built my business up until I met you… I tried a couple ads on my own not knowing what I was doing and it didn’t work. My average was 1 or 2 QEEGs per month. Now that I've met you and put some advertising in place I’m getting phone calls every day and people coming in for appointments. Huge difference. Where I’ve even had to bring on an assistant to help me follow up with the leads."

Background: Melissa has always been proactive about growing her business. Any resources that were readily available to her she would try and use to her advantage. She has Owned Brain Train Centers for the last 7 years, trying her best to help more people through Neurofeedback. On the past Melissa had been able to grow her business through Networking and being part of small local business chapters. Although, growing her healthcare business this way took a large amount of time, it was a viable source of referrals. She even tried to run a couple hundred dollars on some Facebook ads on her own but they ended up failing.

Results: Melissa owns operates, and is strongly involved in 6 separate locations throughout the continental United States. She no longer has to rely solely on referrals and spends a fraction of the time leveraging cold traffic instead of networking in local charters.

Journey: The rate at which Melissa is able to grow her Neurofeedback business is totally within her control. Once she learned true client acquisition skills she was able to fill her calendars at whichever rate she choses. She understands that the system is scaleable, and the more you spend on ads, the more that you can make.


Health Services: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Iv Therapy, Cryotherapy, Massage Therapy

Added $10k+ in new monthly revenue after only 30 days of working with us.

Built a machine that consistently gets $3-4 qualified leads for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

“We are a functional medicine practice that offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutritional IVs, orthopedic massage, targeted hyperbarics, PEMF and will soon have Cryotherapy. We have tried every type of marketing platform that is out is out in the marketplace and have found that Groundbreakers Marketing software and Tyler is outstanding and probably one of the best investments we've made for our marketing. It's a great experience, we've already built our base of clientele. The people that are coming in want to invest in their health and wellness. I would highly recommend the software and the investment. It was an immediate response and return on investment."

Background: This is Craig, and he owns Integrated Wellness Systems. Prior to Healthclients, Craig's marketing experiences are what we find stereotypical. He tried to tackle ads on different platforms by himself, with little to no return because he didn't have an effective strategy. Craig worked with other done for you marketing companies in the past that charged expensive retainers for minimal leads. Honestly, Craig was experiencing what a high percentage of business owners in the health industry go through.

Results: Craig has now built a machine that consistently gets him $3-$4 leads for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This has allowed him to easily add an extra $10,000 per month on revenue just from running ads.

Journey: Working with Tyler has given Craig a bag of very useful tactical skills that he'll be able to use for the lifetime of his business. Craig benefited from all sections of Tyler's course. He structured his offers and care plans in a way that will maximize his efforts, became extremely efficient at using and managing a CRM Software, and is able to bring in new clients consistently


Health Service: Neurofeedback, Hypnotherapy, and Counseling

Scaled to $150k-200k in monthly revenue.

Went from 1 neurofeedback machine to 4

Opened brand new 4200 sq foot health center in NY.

“If I could describe them in one word I would say phenomenal.”

Background: Judith and Bill Grant are the owners of Pathways to Health on Long Island. Before working with Tyler, they were trying to achieve their goals in anyway possible, even if that meant working out of their home. That's exactly what they were doing before they started with Healthclients, their full focus is always on healing and empowering people, and they didn't have time to focus on growing their health business. They really struggled on how to manage advertising and social media ads, everything was a blur to them.

Results: Pathways to Health now does $150-$200,000 a month in revenue. They are now in a beautiful 4,200 sq ft office with more than 10 offices inside. While many businesses struggled in 2020 due to Covid, Bill and Judith had their best year to date, having done $1.9 Million in revenue. They were able to scale to 7 figures in just a few years.

Journey: The Grants have come a long way from when they started working with Tyler. Their newfound knowledge of ads and social media has allowed them to grow beyond what they ever thought possible. They have 1 to 5 new people calling in everyday interested in what they have to offer, and could never manage this large influx of new leads without using the CRM correctly and efficiently.

Dr. Doug

Health Service: Chiropractic & Neurofeedback

First $1100 payout in less than 11 hours.

Over $8000 in new revenue in first month

Started selling $3000+ care plans.

“I can't even spell Facebook. In fact I break out in a rash when I even hear the term social media. There are 3 things that convinced me that I made the right decision. The training was impeccable. The software was very comprehensive. The support is outstanding. Tyler and his crew are very easy to work with, they're available and they stand by their product 100%. My office is attracting 50 new leads per month. I'm converting about 1 per week that will net me $2500 each. These are additional cases, cases I wouldn't have seen ordinarily or found through word of mouth."

Background: Dr. Doug Meints has been working in Chiropractics for the last 30 years and with Neurofeedback for the last 20. He is the owner of Brain Body Science in New Mexico. While he is proficient in computers he had no prior experience with social media or digital marketing. Dr. Doug was relying solely on word of mouth, referrals, and had no way to communicate his services to a different audience.

Results: In the first 11 hours of getting an ad up and running, Dr. Doug received an $1100 payout almost immediately. He was able to add over $8,000 in new revenue to his health business in his first month and is now able to confidently sell $3,000 care plans.

Journey: Dr. Meints was able to gain many valuable skills from working with Tyler. However, they were not gained over night, he constantly referred back to the training to make sure he understood exactly what he needed to be doing. he put in the work to get all these new systems in place and now it basically runs itself.

Get Paid What You Deserve By Becoming A Tech Savvy Health Professional Now

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